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Have you ever thought that Distress is never Planned or Predictable? Nobody believed if drinking water would run out someday. However Cape Town, South Africa & Chennai, India did run out of drinking water and had to ship water to supply to the citizens which included kids, adults and senior citizens. Human mind can only predict based on its experience and knowledge. Unfortunately nobody has any experience or knowledge from the future & hence we can’t predict and plan to mitigate a disaster.

The 1st form of travel was for Pilgrimage. Nobody going to Char Dham in 2013 imagined that somebody something of this magnitude could ever happen to Char Dham Pilgrims. Disasters can not be predicted because we don’t know the Future.

Importance of water conservation is propagated through academic institutions but can those institutions ever give the students a live lesson on what happens when we run out of water or food ? Isn’t that basic need to survive ? Who is going to teach us what I can do when I am stuck without water or food ? Do we Panic ? Wait for Aid or Help ? Call the

Government whose people would have been equally effected in actual time of distress ? What do you do in the golden hour where most human minds stop functioning ?

We can never voluntarily choose the environment to go hostile on us. In order to achieve this, we work hard to ensure that all such possible hostilities that have been ear marked as main concerns like your food, health, house, income, education, family are taken care off. But we forget to train ourselves and our next generations on how to find food and water incase that runs out. You can survive without everything else but you will definitely need to protect yourself 1st because in such situations, people go mad and can put your life danger. Then find water, food & shelter subsequently. Unfortunately your Insurance will only help you after you’ve lived through the disaster but will not train you to deal with it to come out unaffected. Its those 1 in a pack of almost 100,000 people who prepare themselves 1st to deal with the unpredictable disasters by developing muscle memory to not get traumatised by the fall of the event and then utilising their knowledge of arranging the essentials like water, food and shelter.

Now the Question is how do you develop this muscle memory ? A recruit in the army is trained to lie down in case he hears a fire, then take position and react. This they do in the army through rigorous drills that are repeated, repeated and repeated to train your muscles which also have memory. Your muscle memory can only help you not getting Shell Shocked by a sudden misadventure and landing in Trauma. Doing something practically with your own hands and mind leaves a strong history of how something is done. and that you can do without stopping your brain from performing every other important task in the body like breathing or pumping blood through heart. Sometimes even breathing stops because you get so traumatised though you are actually not affected. A lot of people loose their lives because of this shell shock that lands them in trauma but they are actually not injured in the accident.

This is why we chose a location like Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh because its the Best Breeding Ground for Tigers in India. Tiger is the apex of the food chain in the forest. We have some shy animals in Bandhavgarh, hostile animals and some animals which are just there to be a part of the food chain like the Antelopes. Its called the Tiger capital of India and is famous for its Tiger Sighting in the Wild. People from across the globe visit this historical national park and go on wild life safaris to see the Majestic Bengal Tiger in the Wild. This will be your 1st experience to be on the ground where the Tiger walks and so does the entire entourage of the Lord of the Jungle making calls to keep their friends away from sight of the Tiger. There can not be any better place with natural element of risk & adventure involved and this is why this can not be replicated in its true sense in metropolitan cities.

We have designed a course around our own experience of being the only Privately Trained Disaster Management Team in India ( and practises followed in the army by the Special Forces to survive hostile situations as our Instructors are special forces veterans. Since the training for Indian Special Forces is considered to be the Toughest in the World and our course having being designed based on their training is why this makes our Course the Toughest Survival Course for Civilians.

Our offered courses start from 24 hrs, 48 hrs, Advisable 72 hrs & Recommended 120 hrs. 120 hrs course is offered only to survivors who have successfully completed either the 48 hrs or the 72 hrs course with us.

You can do this course if you can walk about 5 to 6 kms in a day. There is nothing to fear for non-swimmers as there is no water activity.

This is a 100% vegetarian course as we believe animals and humans can live in harmony on this planet we call home.

After completing the course with Jungle Survival Academy you will become a much better person who values everything you have in life already. You will become more reasonable about utilising natural resources which belong to everyone. Our Society needs some inspirational people for the rest of the society to learn how not to waste natural resources. Your situation and trauma handling skills will make you a preferred individual who is expected to be part of every endeavour because you could handle adversities better.

Anybody handling a responsible position in any business or organisation is expected to lead by example. People are inspired by others who have done something which most people won’t and Jungle Survival Course is 1 such experience.

If you see yourself as that 1 in a pack of 100,000 people who will not just save his or her life but will also prove to be an Asset when things begin going south, then this course is for you. All you need to do is to Register or speak to us on your candidature as the course is not open ended but small selection based group. There is only a certain number of survivors that can be Invited in every batch and there are not more then 4 batches in any month as too many people will create more footprints and the place will gradually loose its serenity.

As Jungle Survival Academy we take Pride in playing our role by imparting this Life Skill to Individuals or Survivor Aspirants who will not just save their lives someday but may save 1000’s of lives because Future is always Unpredictable and there is no other Course that can train you to deal with the Unpredictable.

A Course with JSA is your Best Investment for yourself, your family, your kids, your profession, your business and your community & nation.

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Our Trainers - Indian Army Combat and Survival veterans


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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is above 15 years of age with sound health and mind can do this course. For detailed information please refer to eligiblity criteria mentioned in the website.
You can enroll yourself in the course by choosing the right course and filling clicking on Yes, I'm Interested Button on our website
Yes, any Foreigner is Welcome to Join this course, if he or she is recommended by our counselor, post counseling session.
Yes, JSA is india's only real time survival traning academy which gives a real experience in the jungle.
Yes, you will be taught every skill required to survive in a jungle alone.
Maximum 8 Survivors in a batch are allowed.
Our Instructors are from Special Forces of the Indian Army. Highly skilled in survival. Their knowledge will enhance your learning experiences.
Yes, you can do solo course and we can make special arrangement exclusively for you but that will invite a special cost.
Considering your safety & security, we do not allow any electronic device to be carried along, while doing this course.
JSA is situated in the forests of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. The nearest railway station are Umariya & Katni. The nearest Airport is Jabalpur with regular flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata & Hyderabad.
Because our methods & curriculum is based on practical and real time learning, we do not conduct any online courses.
Yes, our courses are quite safe for females, still if you are skeptical you can join our woman batch which is specially designed for females.
If you are coming through train, JSA will provide you with shared pick & drop from Umariya & Katni. And if you are arriving at Jabalpur airport you will have to manage transfer from the airport to JSA Base Camp and return, by yourself.
Registration Amount will only be Refunded to applicants who do not get Selected during the Selection process. No Refund of Registration Amount is made if you are selected and decide not to go ahead with the course. Once selected, you can request a change in date for the course but not a refund for the Fees. All Refund and Cancellation communication must be addressed on email to
We have a strict policy of 'no friends' and 'no family member' allowed in a batch. If you wish to do this course with your family or friends, we can arrange customized training for you as a group. We have also have dedicated family batches and you can fill that form separately from our website.
These are the survival courses conducted in a jungle to train you to live/survive in harsh and extreme conditions. Please do not expect the luxury of hotel hospitality and camping leisure. You will be provided with breakfast on the first day of the course before entering in to the jungle and another breakfast when you come out of the jungle. While in the jungle, during the course, you will have to eat what you get in the jungle. As far as lodging is concern, you will have to make your own lodging in the jungle.
We do not suggest you to bring any valuable item when you come for this course. You will have to submit your luggage/valuable to the JSA cloak room, which you can get when the course is over.
No we have preplanned batch dates and you can check the availability in our course calendar on our website.
There are three easy ways to reach JSA base camp. The suggested one is an overnight train to Umariya or Katni. The nearest railway station is Umariya which is 1hr drive and Katni which is 1.5 hrs. Another way to reach by air is to take a flight to Jabalpur and then 3.5hr drive to JSA base camp.
Yes, you can and JSA team will manage the parking of your vehicle during the course.
Yes, there are many jungle lodges and hotels around 30 kms from our Base Camp in Tala village of Bandhavgarh.
Yes, you will get a completion certificate of the respective course after completing the course.