Who Should Join

Anyone and everyone who has an inherent desire to enjoy in India, what hitherto fore was only seen on National Geographic or Discovery Channels. Experience with us the cravings of adventure and nature in a manner unique and not found anywhere in the country. Your stint with us will have a profound and positive impact on your personality, not only till the time you are with us but also in the times to come. See our survival information videos below and discover your penchant.

Survival In Action

Survival Games

Man vs. Wild is everyone’s fantasy, how else does one explain the overwhelming public response to survival movies. Remember Blue Lagoon, Journey to Centre of the Earth, Tarzan of the Jungle, “Mowgli” etc? Here an individual or a group of people need to survive simply on instinct and basic intelligence in a hostile environment or in a situation where you have nothing to bank upon other than your wits and maybe some basic tools. All of us desire to play survival games, where in we are all alone in wilderness and living a basic life amply supplemented by mother nature, just the way our ancestors did a long time back. Going back to basics isn’t too hard really, at least not for seekers of extreme adventure. For the first time in India, Bear Grylls fans can live their fantasy on being one with the wild. We, at Jungle Survival Academy make it happen for you. Our ‘Special Forces Commando Veterans’ of the Indian Army run the survival courses in the dense jungles of Bandhavgarh, where you will learn, practise and be taught survival skills to live off the nature, for your basic necessities of water, food and shelter. Call us for an adventurous experience you will never forget.

Survival – A Mind Game

A frequently asked question on survival is that ‘How important is physical strength for survival in wilderness’? Survival is a mind game, survival in wilderness is all about convincing your mind to not panic, but to stay calm and trust your instincts to bail you out. After all, what does a body need to survive? Water is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. Our body loses hydration through urine, sweat and even breathing & therefore we need to replace it at regular intervals. The rate of loss of hydration depends on the external conditions like the temperature, humidity coupled with physical exertion. When faced with a survival crises due to any condition like a natural disaster, where one has inadequate means of hydration, the first thing to do is to minimise its loss and then hunt for means to replace it.

Next important thing is to find safety of a shelter. Human Body is not conditioned to survive extreme weather conditions. Unlike animals in the wild, exposure to extreme cold or heat is fatal for our body and living in a shelter is our natural defense mechanism. Should we be in such a situation, the need is to quickly find a survival shelter like, a cave, a rocky overhang, a deep gully or make one from the resources readily available like bushes and leaves. All this activity of finding shelter and water will burn vital calories and one needs to find food to keep the body and soul together.

Survival Food

The good news is that while our body heat and moisture tend to deplete at an alarming rate, storage of body fat however allows us much more time to find food and also there is no shortage of vital replenishment in the nature. Nature is abundant with edible energy rich resources. One may well ask what is the problem then? Simply put, it is lack of knowledge. An important survival skill is to be able to identify where all does Mother Nature store its bounties and that’s where we come in; we at Jungle Survival Academy will teach you to unlock all the secrets of the wilderness. Finding food and water where seemingly nothing exists is a function of understanding nature and being friends with it. Call us and we will teach you how -You can do it! We at Jungle Survival Academy will make nature your best friend for life.

Unlocking Secrets of Nature

Fire as a survival tool

Fire is not a direct survival need but an important survival tool. It provides us heat, light and security. Many food resources, available in wild, need to be cooked or boiled before they can be consumed. Boiling water is the safest way to make it consumable. A well lit fire also keeps the wild animals away. If you are caught in a survival situation chances are you won’t be caught with a box of matches or a lighter within reach, so how do you light that much needed fire? Hence reliable all weather fire-making skills are invaluable for survival.


TIn today’s urbanized technology dependent world, navigation is not given a second thought. Getting lost in wild without any external aids can be a terrifying prospect. Navigation skills are essential to reach out to safety and hence, age old techniques of navigation by stars at night and similar natural aids during day are absolutely vital survival skills.

Survival skills separate men from boys

Natural Disasters and Survival Skills

It would be limiting to say that survival skills are needed to survive in wilderness alone. In fact in today’s tech savvy world, true wilderness is hard to find. Natural disasters, in fact are a greater threat and to survive one, it is the survival skills that will save your skin and enable you to save others. Earthquake, fire, floods, terrorism, crash in remote areas etc can create a disaster like situations without warning and with paralysing suddenness. In such a situation what will separate the helpers from those being helped is the knowledge of survival skills. If you have it in you then come to us in Jungle Survival Academy and we will make you the person who will make a difference in any crunch situation.

Survival Skills and the Corporate Leadership

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’, this famous adage was coined for military leadership but it is equally if not more relevant to the corporate leadership today. Building Survival skills is essentially toughening up of mind and developing confidence to take charge in difficult situations. ‘Once a survivor in wild, always a winner in life’ is our firm belief and motto at Jungle Survival Academy. The most comprehensive leadership development skills and team building exercise results when undergoing real life stress. In the jungles of Bandhavgarh you are certain to face the challenges that will bring out the leader in you and bond your team into an effective unit capable of achieving the impossible. Contact The Jungle Survival Academy for transforming your organisation.