48 hours Women Special Batch

It is a well known fact that when faced with a crunch situation, women tend to be more resilient. Deep inside they carry a resoluteness which surfaces prominently at the time of crises. Inspired by this thought, we have designed a women special batch. This batch will not run on fixed dates but as per the demand of at least 5 or more ladies. For similar reasons, the duration is also flexible based on consensus of a particular batch

Course Fee: ₹ 29348.00 INR per person / $ 399.00 per person
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48 Hours Survival Course- Adult

This two-day intense survival experience will challenge your wit, ingenuity and will to survive in the wilderness. Just like our ancestors did, you will be learn the mechanics of surviving in the wild with bare minimum resources. The experience starts the moment you enter the dense jungles and begin prioritizing your survival strategy. Finding food and water where seemingly none is existing will challenge your intuitive courage, combining it with other skills like lighting a fire, building a shelter for the night, navigation etc.

Course Fee: ₹ 29348.00 per person / $ 399.00 per person
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48 Hours Survival Course- Family

At Jungle Survival Academy we use the medium of jungle to teach you the survival skills but, the underlying idea is to prepare you for handling any life threatening situation. Today with global warming creating a complete mess of what earlier was a very predictable climatic cycle; one has to be prepared for any contingency at any time. In just 48 Hours we can build your survival skills, so that you and your family are better prepared mentally and physically to take head on any such situation and emerge unscathed and stronger. Join us for this course.

Course Fee: ₹ 29348.00 per person / $ 399.00 per person
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72 Hours Survival Course

This three nights out in the wilderness course is designed for gritty adventurers because this is the optimum time for you to learn immersive life saving skills and practise them. First two days our team of survival specialists will work with you to teach you plethora of skills you will need to survive in Jungle and on third and fourth day you will undergo a survival exercise on your own while being monitored by our instructors. Test your limits and push them. Just go for it!

Course Fee: ₹ 43844.00 per person / $ 596.00 per person
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120 Hours Survival Course

This course is designed for extreme adventurists. This course will test your true grit, will power and desire to push your individual limits. Moment you arrive at bandhavgarh our Jungle Survival Academy team of experts will commence working with you, first three days we will give you a hands on training on multitude of survival skills like navigation, foraging for water and food, making shelter, self-defense, tying knots and harnesses, first aid etc. On day four you will undergo a confidence building exercise on survival on your own (monitored by our instructors), Finally on day five and six you will carry out a complete survival exercise and reach a pre designated end point. There is only one way to know if you have it in you, by doing it!

Course Fee: ₹ 73240.00 per person / $ 996.00 per person
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24 Hours Survival Course - Adult

This hands on 24-hour survival experience is packed with practical life-saving skills. It is an introductory course, which is meant to wet your appetite for wilderness and develop an attitude for viewing nature as friendly and resourceful, where all you need to do is stay calm and use the survival skills we teach you to fend for yourself for 24 hours with very limited food and water in your emergency bag.

Course Fee: 14648.00 INR per person / $ 290.00 per person
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Our Trainers - Indian Army Combat and Survival veterans

Cancellation or Postponement of Course due to sudden Covid-19 restrictions

Your Train Ticket or Air Ticket works as an e-pass for you to travel to a railway station or airport and from there to your destination. However, in case you choose to avoid traveling due to Covid-19 restrictions or warnings, you can postpone the course to the next available dates. The course fees will be adjusted to the next comfortable dates. However incase you request a refund, you may be refunded the amount however an administration fee of 20% will be debited to cover the administrative costs. 10% of this administrative fee can be adjusted incase you apply for the course again in future.