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Jungle Survival Academy offers the World's Toughest Survival Experience for the brave hearts who wish to reconnect with their inherent survival skills which each of us is born with but we never practise it in our comfortable urban lifestyle. Our Academy is based within the boundaries of the Best Breeding Ground for Tigers in India, also known as the Tiger Capital of India - “Bandhavgarh”. Its in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India which is known for its Tigers, Tribals & Forests.

Surviving with limited resources in an unknown terrain where the whole Forest Ecosystem is intact right from the Grass Hopper to the Tiger is very challenging. This course is not meant for everyone but for the ones who think they are mentally strong to live through the Toughest Survival Course ever designed for Civilians in the World.

Leading World Media Channels depend on our expertise to review their survival programs broadcasted globally. We are regularly approached by international production houses to participate in their seasonal survival programs which they produce and broadcast globally. This opens an International Opportunity to everyone who ever completes a survival course with Jungle Survival Academy to be part of any such program if recommended by Jungle Survival Academy.

Survival in the wild needs a person to be physically agile, mentally strong, alert and easily adaptable to changes. We help you achieve these. Our Team of Instructors, the Veterans of the Special Forces, who are masters in survival, will be your guiding light to fight, survive and to challenge your instincts to come out victorious in survival situations.

The instructors are trained and professionally competent enough to take you on a roller coaster ride full of survival skills, thrills and difficulties. They are masters in survival crafts and have years of experience from their combat days, working and training in global operations with special forces soldiers of the UK and United States Army.

Survival is more of a mind game and to survive you need to be strong enough to take on any challenge, be it at your home, workplace, in the society, in the vast wilderness of the jungles or in the rough terrains of an unknown land. The survival courses at the Jungle Survival Academy at Bandhavgarh, gives you an opportunity to fight your fears, by learning basic survival skills of foraging food, finding water to drink and making a shelter from scratch and with very little resources. These courses will help you master your survival skills to take on any challenge life throws at you, for these courses are not only training you for your survival in the wilderness but it is training you to survive, save your own life and life of others around you if the situation demands.

By Registering for any of our survival courses, you will start our selection process which either results in your being Recommended or Not-Recommended for the course. Not everybody who applies gets the opportunity and one denial doesn’t mean you can not try again in future when you are ready. This course is not for everyone. Register only if you think you can survive the Toughest Survival Course in the world.

Register Now, For A Survivor In The Wild Is A Survivor For Life.

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Our Trainers - Indian Army Combat and Survival veterans

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is above 15 years of age with sound health and mind can do this course. For detailed information please refer to eligiblity criteria mentioned in the website.
You can enroll yourself in the course by choosing the right course and filling clicking on Yes, I'm Interested Button on our website www.junglesurvivalacademy.com
Yes, any Foreigner is Welcome to Join this course, if he or she is recommended by our counselor, post counseling session.
Yes, JSA is india's only real time survival traning academy which gives a real experience in the jungle.
Yes, you will be taught every skill required to survive in a jungle alone.
Maximum 8 Survivors in a batch are allowed.
Our Instructors are from Special Forces of the Indian Army. Highly skilled in survival. Their knowledge will enhance your learning experiences.
Yes, you can do solo course and we can make special arrangement exclusively for you but that will invite a special cost.
Considering your safety & security, we do not allow any electronic device to be carried along, while doing this course.
JSA is situated in the forests of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. The nearest railway station are Umariya & Katni. The nearest Airport is Jabalpur with regular flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata & Hyderabad.
Because our methods & curriculum is based on practical and real time learning, we do not conduct any online courses.
Yes, our courses are quite safe for females, still if you are skeptical you can join our woman batch which is specially designed for females.
If you are coming through train, JSA will provide you with shared pick & drop from Umariya & Katni. And if you are arriving at Jabalpur airport you will have to manage transfer from the airport to JSA Base Camp and return, by yourself.
Registration Amount will only be Refunded to applicants who do not get Selected during the Selection process. No Refund of Registration Amount is made if you are selected and decide not to go ahead with the course. Once selected, you can request a change in date for the course but not a refund for the Fees. All Refund and Cancellation communication must be addressed on email to enrollment@junglesurvivalacademy.com
We have a strict policy of 'no friends' and 'no family member' allowed in a batch. If you wish to do this course with your family or friends, we can arrange customized training for you as a group. We have also have dedicated family batches and you can fill that form separately from our website.
These are the survival courses conducted in a jungle to train you to live/survive in harsh and extreme conditions. Please do not expect the luxury of hotel hospitality and camping leisure. You will be provided with breakfast on the first day of the course before entering in to the jungle and another breakfast when you come out of the jungle. While in the jungle, during the course, you will have to eat what you get in the jungle. As far as lodging is concern, you will have to make your own lodging in the jungle.
We do not suggest you to bring any valuable item when you come for this course. You will have to submit your luggage/valuable to the JSA cloak room, which you can get when the course is over.
No we have preplanned batch dates and you can check the availability in our course calendar on our website.
There are three easy ways to reach JSA base camp. The suggested one is an overnight train to Umariya or Katni. The nearest railway station is Umariya which is 1hr drive and Katni which is 1.5 hrs. Another way to reach by air is to take a flight to Jabalpur and then 3.5hr drive to JSA base camp.
Yes, you can and JSA team will manage the parking of your vehicle during the course.
Yes, there are many jungle lodges and hotels around 30 kms from our Base Camp in Tala village of Bandhavgarh.
Yes, you will get a completion certificate of the respective course after completing the course.