Our story began in 1984 when a little boy born into an Army family started learning survival techniques by seeing his father take on the reins of the army life, by observing his mom making each house a home by adapting to new environs, by living at different stations and under varied circumstances. This boy started growing to love the thrill of new places and how adventure came along. An avid nature lover, a keen adventure enthusiast, the ideas kept setting in his mind as he kept growing and finally after years of exploration and voyage in India and around the world, he came up with the idea of starting Jungle Survival Courses in India, which led to the birth of Jungle Survival Academy (JSA) in the year 2016.

We strongly believe and feel proud of the fact that Survival In India started with JSA and gave a new outlook to many others to experience and to explore the life in the wild. Nature teaches you many things from fearlessness, survival techniques, respecting the wild, learning about the fury of nature & how simple & surreal life can be in the wild. Our academy has constructed survival courses, to fight your fears, by learning basic survival skills of foraging food, getting drinking water and making a shelter from scratch and that too with very little resources. These courses help one master varied survival skills to take on any challenge life throws at them, for these courses are not only training for survival in the wilderness but it is training an individual to fight their fears and to live a peaceful life in harmony with nature.

The year 2020 has been full of uncertainty, fear and panic due to COVID-19 pandemic that has made the world realize how important it is to pause and to care for our health, to care for our environment and to prepare consciously for a better tomorrow, for if we keep exploiting our natural resources and don’t learn the art of survival, then our tomorrow will be full of hopelessness and regret. We at JSA have the perfect model to help you hone your survival techniques, to help you explore the wild, to teach you the skills & techniques needed to survive when an avalanche of unexpected events come your way. We are located amidst the Bandhavgarh National Forest in Madhya Pradesh, India. This location is the perfect environ for healthy living, for survival in the wild and to master the art of wildlife existence and survival. Come explore nature with us and prepare yourself for tomorrow.

With The Superstar Of Bollywood Mr Akshay Kumar

An army kid, bollywood action junkie, fitness enthusiast and adventure lover Akshay Kumar also came together with British adventure & fitness enthusiast Bear Grylls in 2020 and did some exciting adrenal rushing adventure kicking activities in dangerous territories of the wild by walking together as brothers and exploring the beautiful lands of the wild. There beautiful journey in the jungles spoke about camaraderie, discipline and determination. From drinking cow urine to elephant poo tea to having apricot gum tree laddos and to showing his physical strength & mental ability showed how you can survive anywhere if you have the zeal in you to try something new and to be free in the wild to experience that thrill and delight. It showed again how it is essential to learn the art of survival in an unknown land or in wilderness.

With Legendary & Magnificent Actor Mr Rajinikanth

Year 2019 brought to us Mr Rajinikanth, the super star of the world of Cinema, an idol for many, a legend known for his generosity, hard work & charitable work with British Adventurist Bear Grylls at Bandipur Tiger Reserve at Karnataka in India. This adventure promoted water conservation and they came together as a team and showed how nature has so much to offer and how we should respect that and conserve it by not exploiting it and polluting it. These stories tell us how survival techniques, wildlife techniques, mental agility and physical health are important for surviving in the wild and for survival in life. Mr Rajinikanth’s experience must have surely encouraged the young and old to stay healthy, fit and robust to take on any challenge life throws at them.

With Fearless & Courageous Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi

Mr Narendra Modi, our honorable, courageous, young at heart and knowledgeable Prime Minister of India led by example in the year 2018, when he came out and experienced the wild with British Adventurist Bear Grylls at Uttarakhand in India at Jim Corbett National Park, by being mentally strong & physically agile. He is a man of great experience and has played a pivotal role in encouraging one and all to do better and in making India lead towards greater heights of success & prosperity. He spoke about environment conservation and climate change & how India is working as a team towards a better tomorrow for all. Their journey together told the world how we should respect nature, not exploit its bountiful beauty and to learn from it the art of surviving together, without harming each other. Surviving in the wild helps us to understand how simple life can be and how we humans have complicated our lives by living in the mundane routines of city life and by not giving ourselves the breath of freshness and calmness that nature can give you to heal and repair yourself.

JSA Conquering New Heights Since 2016

Our story gave way to survival and adventure in India after 2016 and ever since that year, we have been witness to more adventure stories and how big-famous personalities are voicing their opinions on the importance of environment conservation, survival in the wild, protecting the wildlife, conserving the water, saving water and many other environmental issues.