Jungle Survival Academy offers to you an experience off the routine and mundane! Your craving of adventure will surely be satiated after undergoing our Jungle Survival Courses amidst ferocious predators and Mother Nature. We offer and conduct programs for adventure enthusiasts in formats of convenience like for solo travelers, families and groups.

Held in the dense environs of the reputed tiger dominated forests of Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh, this course not only equips an individual to deal with adverse situations but also helps in honing the qualities of confidence and leadership. Overall, a stint with us would enhance your personality in a manner that would make you ready to take on the wild and unexpected at any time in life!

The Jungle Survival Academy

Let the fire inside you burn brighter, for it’s that fire and energy which is the essence to survive in any challenge or situation life throws at you. We are a strong team of motivated, hardworking and experienced individuals who are determined enough to take you on an adventure journey to make you self-reliant, self-equipped and resilient, to fight your fears, to destroy your inhibitions and to make you responsive to any challenge. Our Jungle Survival Academy is one of its kinds in India, which is located in the beautiful, serene and dense jungles of Bandhavgarh and offers survival courses under the guidance and expertise of the trained and experienced veterans of the Indian Armed Forces. These trainers will make you ready to take on life and challenges unknown by teaching you all about skills, techniques and methods of survival, based on their professional wisdom and years of experience.

We will teach you:
  • Techniques to forage food and identify edible & non-edible food.
  • Methods for building a shelter with resources available in the wild.
  • Skills to light a fire, needed to cook food, to keep you warm and safe from the predators.

It is very important to be strong both mentally and physically because this quality will stand by you and be your guiding light in times both good and bad. The courses at the academy are built in such a manner that it will challenge you to the core to test your spirits, fears, intelligence, grit and determination. Men, women and children all must take on this journey of adventure in the wilderness with us and have an experience of a lifetime by learning skills, making friends, fighting fears and making lifelong memories. Come join us to go on a roller coast ride of adventure, thrills and fun at the Jungle Survival Academy in Bandhavgarh, for we will help you make your own adventure tales.