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Fight your fears, live a dream and come breathe in the wilderness of the Bandhavgarh Jungles in Madhya Pradesh, India, to experience the wild, to explore the unexplored and to challenge your inner self to survive in an unknown terrain with very few available resources. The Jungle Survival Academy brings to you, one of its kind survival courses to test your spirits and to make your adrenals rush to fight and survive in the wild. Survival in the wild needs a person to be physically agile, mentally strong, alert and easily adaptable to changes. We help you achieve these.
Our instructors, the Veterans of the Indian Special Armed Forces, who are masters in survival, will be your guiding light to fight, survive and to challenge your instincts to come out victorious in survival situations.

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The instructors are trained and professionally competent enough to take you on a roller coaster ride full of adventure, thrills and difficulties. They are masters in survival crafts and have years of experience from their combat days working and training in global operations with special forces soldiers of the UK and USA army.

Survival is more of a mind game and to survive you need to be strong enough to take on any challenge, be it at your home, workplace, in the society, in the vast wilderness of the jungles or in the rough terrains of an unknown land. The survival courses at the Jungle Survival Academy at Bandhavgarh, gives you an opportunity to live a life free of stress in the clean and serene environs of the jungle, to fight your fears, by learning basic survival skills of foraging food, getting drinking water and making a shelter from scratch and with very little resources. These courses will help you master your survival skills to take on any challenge life throws at you, for these courses are not only training you for your survival in the wilderness but it is training you to fight your fears and to live a peaceful life. Come be a part of this adventure packed survival experience and make your own adventure tales by living a life amidst the beautiful flora and fauna of the jungles of Bandhavgah. For A Survivor In The Wild Is A Survivor For Life.

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Our Trainers - Indian Army Combat and Survival veterans